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Watch this must see photographic documentary. . .  a behind the scenes photo shoot for British Cosmopolitan with photographer Tom Corbett.  Then, see the campaign images as they appeared in the magazine.

The Gustave A. Mayer House, a fine Italianate villa, was among the first rural residences in that style built on Staten Island and is a rare survivor of its type and period within the city limits.  In sympathy with the theories of the Picturesque espoused by Andrew Jackson Davis and his collaborator Andrew Jackson Downing, the house is placed to the best advantage of its sloping site.  Occupying  a crest overlooking a historically important Staten Island crossroads,  the Mayer House was built for David R. Ryers between 1855 and 1856 by an architect unknown to us today. This symmetrically arranged, two-and-a-half story frame structure is characterized by a full width porch, consistently fine detailing, and is topped with a cupola. In the 1890 's, confectioner and inventor Gustave Mayer made the villa both his home and place of  business, there manufacturing innovative items such as fancy sugar wafers, decorative metal objects, and other products. The grounds recall the original Picturesque landscaping, at one time tended by Mayer himself.

Features the largest rooms in the house, where your long lenses can be put to work!

Several smaller rooms with great character, including the vintage bath tub.

Recently opened!

Explore the grounds and facades outdoors.


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Third floor & cupola

SEcond Floor

Gustav Mayer House

motor home alternative / First floor double parlor

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